See-no-Clay (Singapore)

Clay Street is an NGO that works with visually impaired people in Singapore.

They organize various workshops for groups; we were 20+ and spent a couple of hours at the workshop. While the team had been very talkative till now, the silence was mesmerizing, everyone deep in though with their hands deep in clay.

We made some mugs that were later dried and baked. After 2 weeks or so, everyone received received their mug.

There are many options and the See No Clay team is very versatile; the best is to call them to discuss options. See more options here

Preis / Spende (wenn notwendig): can't remember. Best is to call them
Über den Veranstalter: See-No-Clay aims at improving the lives of the Visually Impaired by allowing them to be financially self-sufficient through the sale of their artworks. This is pursued through a collaboration between the Visually Impaired Potters (VIPs) and a team of passionate volunteers (Angels), where the Angels, through teaching and mentoring, assist and guide the VIPs to make their own works of art. This is thus a "co-creation", with the Angels using their eyes and the VIPs using their hearts and hands to make beautiful and intricate pieces of art.
Uhrzeit & Dauer: Several hours, but it depends on your arrangement
Ort der Aktivität : Commonwealth Drive Singapore 149596
Nächste Termine: Flexible; best is to call them to organize, as not all the info is on the website
Sprache(n): English
Registrierungsprozess: Call them
Art des Aktivitäts:
Kostenlose Aktivitäten
Kostenpflichtige Aktivitäten
Sozialer Zweck:
Ausbildung und Alphabetisierung
Vielfalt und Integration
Kultur und Kunst
Social Entrepreneurship
Monat der Aktivität:
Apr 18
Mai 18
Jun 18
Jul 18
Aug 18
Sep 18
Oct 18
Nov 18
Dec 18
Jan 19
Feb 19
Mär 19
Land: Singapur
Eintrag erfolgreich erstellt 28 Mai 2017

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