Information about JAMUY



JAMUY is a new free online community promoting short and fun activities which serve a good cause. Anyone living in or traveling to a location can now share and participate in Do-Good initiatives around the world. JAMUY is non-profit and its team of volunteers offer their time to help promote these activities and keep the platform fully free of charge for all its members. We see JAMUY as the reference guide for all fun and short activities with a socially beneficial purpose. Because everyone should be able to help, even with limited time availability.

Three types of activities are offered to the social enthusiasts: free activities, paying activities and short term volunteering. Organized by social organizations and/or their supporters, activities promoted through JAMUY aim at increasing the visibility, attractiveness and accessibility of projects which serve a socially beneficial purpose. The objective is to maximize their impact and provide additional funds and support to their cause.

For the individuals who participate in these activities it is an alternative to long-term volunteering and donations. It is also a great way to contribute to a good cause, meet new people and have a unique experience. This is what we call sustainable fun!

JAMUY´s online platform is easy to use and is free of charge. Activities meeting our criteria can be advertised by anybody on the platform after a simple registration process - it takes only 5 minutes (see how it works). Social enthusiasts can simply choose their favourite activities and participate in them! Activities are visible to all without registration needed and you can register to our newsletter here. However creating a profile will allow you to interact easily with other members of the JAMUY community.

JAMUY’s team promotes extensively the activities and the organizations offering them outside the platform thanks to various marketing tools.

JAMUY means “come” in Quechua, a native South American language which was spoken by the Inca empire.


Our primary goal is to maximize the impact of organizations or projects with a social purpose by broadening public awareness and engagement towards them.


Transparency and good faith are placed at the heart of JAMUY’s community concept. We expect all participants, volunteers and organizers to show good spirits, respect cultural and social differences, and work together towards achieving a positive impact for the society. We are independent of any religious or political groups.


JAMUY was originally founded in Frankfurt by three friends with a shared interest for social development and entrepreneurship: Paola Vinuesa (Spain), Thomas Bouchez (Belgium) and Marion Bouillie (France). An essential part of JAMUY´s team are its ambassadors, volunteers who help promote JAMUY’s mission and values towards organizations and users. We are constantly looking for further ambassadors, contact us if you are interested to help, we are very flexible on the level of involvement. Meet our global team here

We are also part of the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt (as part of the Andersgründer program) and have a collaboration agreement with ImpaQto, an incubator / co-working space in Quito, Ecuador. More details and information can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us under, we are always very happy to hear from you