Information about JAMUY

How it works
Below you can find information on how to use JAMUY’s platform to either publish or participate in activities which serve a socially beneficial purpose. You'll see, it takes only 5 min to publish an activity, it's super easy!

If you have any questions on how to use JAMUY: we are here to help! Just drop us an email at:

Participate in an activity - No registration needed!


Anyone who would like to do something good by actively participating in an activity with a socially beneficial purpose. Activities on JAMUY do not need any long term commitment, allow participation in various projects at the same time and offer a new way to explore the social sector and meet people in your city or in the city you visit.


Browse JAMUY’s sustainable fun activities by using the location search and the different filters on the left and select your favourite ones. Easy! To inform the organiser about your participation (when necessary), simply follow the instructions under “Registration process”.
Activities are visible to all without registration needed. You can also register to our newsletter here. However creating a profile takes only one minute and allows you to publish activities of your choice and with a social purpose (e.g. You can publish the activity of a social project to help promote it, it takes only 5 min!). You can also interact with other members of the JAMUY community via the public discussions which are linked to every activity. To become part of the JAMUY community, sign up and create your profile with a short description of your motivation and interests, and complete it with a photo of you.

Publish an activity - It takes only 5 min!


Anybody can publish an activity on JAMUY as long as the organiser and / or the activity meet the following eligibility criteria. As a private person, you can now also publish an activity on behalf of an organisation or project to help them promote the activity (It takes only 5 min to help!), or organize an activity yourself to collect funds for a socially beneficial project you would like to support. We also encourage of course organisations and projects to publish activities themselves on the platform. 

Click HERE for a short tutorial on how you can publish an activity in 5 minutes 

Eligibility Criteria

-          Organisations and/or activities must aim to make a positive impact on society.

-          Proceeds from activities offered on JAMUY must be reinvested to support projects with a social mission.

-          Activities must be of short duration.

-          Activities must be environmentally friendly.

-          Activities must be safe for both participants and organisers.

-          JAMUY must not be used to promote religious or political beliefs.

-          The quality and security of activities must be ensured by the organiser 

-           The person or organisation publishing the activity must take responsibility for the veracity of the information published.


Become part of the JAMUY community in two simple steps:

1.       Sign up  and create your profile with a photo or logo representing yourself or your organisation, the link to your main webpage and a short description of your organisation. If you are an organisation, please note that you can enter the name of your organisation by splitting it in two parts under the fields "First Name" and "Last Name" (the name will appear as "First Name Last Name" so if you enter "Red" as "First Name" and "Cross" as "Last Name", the name of the organisation will appear as "Red Cross"). The Username is not public and therefore is less important.

2.       To create an activity, you just need to click on “Post a new activity” on the top bar. Fill out the different activity fields in order to provide all information needed by users, including a photo. In case funds are collected through an activity please make sure to include details on what will be done with the funds in the relevant field in the activity description. Then post it. If you are not sure whether the activity meets the eligibility criteria, please contact us on 

Voilà, you are now ready to go!

Members of the JAMUY team can also take the initiative to advertise short-term activities that we find particularly cool to further promote them and maximize their impact.