Na'atik Language School

We’re a non-profit language school in Zona Maya, Mexico. We teach high-quality immersion classes in English, Spanish and Maya. Our name comes from the Maya expression “To’on Na’atik” meaning “we’re understanding each other.” We believe that cross-cultural exchange is the key to true understanding. It is only once we understand each other that we can see what is really possible.

Through affordable, encouraging English language classes (Cursos de Inglés), we aim to help students in the local Maya community develop the skills and confidence to visualize and achieve their dreams. Our English classes are helping students access well-paid jobs, go on to study for careers like medicine, engineering and education and to travel the world. Donations help us keep English classes affordable and provide scholarships to bright, deserving students in our community.

Our study abroad program offers immersive Spanish and Maya language learning. We help visitors achieve their language goals and introduce them to the real Zona Maya (it’s not just ruins). We also reinvest 10% of the revenue from our study abroad program into furthering our local impact by subsidizing the cost of our English classes.

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